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The Open Web Project

There is currently 1 active project. On this page you can download the source for this website and modify it however you see fit. There is currently no upload system, but you can email me at with your interpretation. You can change the look, content or functionality of the page however you wish and if I think it is good, I will implement it. In the near future there will be functionality to do this through the website and have your own interpretation accessible to the public and in the further future I hope to make an open source mirror to this site which can be altered by anybody.

The idea of this website is to learn and to encourage others to learn. To hack and to encourage others to hack and to share and encourage others to share. The more I learn and the more people share, the sooner the website can take off and the community can come to life.

Happy Hacking! Access the website files here.

By emailing me your work you agree that I can use it for the good of this website and community. If you do not agree, specify in the email.

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