MOD_tronics - Hack your life.

Welcome to MOD_tronics

MOD_tronics an open-source problem solving community. There are hundreds of electrical components in your life every day and they are often being unused or disposed of. What if you had the know-how and the ability and the tools to create solutions to problems in your life with these electronics? What if you could build a robotic dishwasher or tea maker? Why not build a spycam on your front door with facial recognition for when you lose your keys, or a location device on your keys to find them without spending a fortune on commercial solutions? The world is full of problems and whether there are solutions or not, there are not enough solutions available to the individual. This website aims to enable people to solve problems and to connect them to solutions already worked out.

Active Projects

There is currently 1 active project. Following that link will take you to a page where you can download the source for this website and modify it however you see fit. There is currently no upload system, but you can email me at with your interpretation. You can change the look, content or functionality of the page however you wish and if I think it is good, I will implement it. In the near future there will be functionality to do this through the website and have your own interpretation accessible to the public and in the further future I hope to make an open source mirror to this site which can be altered by anybody.

The Community

As of yet the community is very small, but the idea is that the fiddlers in the world, those who are driven to take apart devices or make something new will be the driving force of the community, writing blogs and keeping projects live on their userpages. In this way, they can share their knowledge and their solutions with the world. It is a community of hobbyists and DIY-ers with interesting ranging throughout all of electronics including robotics, computing and electrical engineering working with all ends of the spectrum, from adobe photoshop to the individual transistors on a breadboard.

The Ideology

Electronics should be available to everybody. We are living firmly in the digital age and the idea that the electronics are locked firmly away in our MP3 players (lacking even a single visible screw sometimes) is ridiculous to the point of insanity. I want my technology to be accessible and modifiable, so if you have any interest in taking control of the digital age, take action. Contact me at and we can get this community alive as quickly as possible.

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